10 Benefits of Playing Video Game[s]

Edmond Pang Chun Hoa, a student at The One Academy in Malaysia, made this video depicting 10 benefits of playing video games.

You can watch the full video here
See the rest of Edmond’s work on Behance here

Soccer Tricks and Misc Soccer Activities

Though the 2014 World Cup is behind us now, sorry I am not a very active sports person so I am behind the times, I came across this video and it has some pretty good soccer tricks along with a few random soccer related clips.

Watch the full video here

Simon’s Cat

Simon’s cat is a series of short animations animated by Simon Tofield. They chronicle the adventures of his cat(s). Anyone who has or been around cats will understand and find truths in these shorts.

You can watch all of Simon’s Cat shorts here.

Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog

very cute and very tiny.

Watch the full video here


I will make those blades last if it’s the last thing I do.


I will make those blades last if it’s the last thing I do.

BMW M4 - “Ultimate Racetrack”

BMW Canada came out with a new commercial to showcase the M4. Watch as it goes around a track they made on an aircraft carrier…or at least a CGI aircraft carrier.

Watch the full video here

Subaru vs. Stick Bomb

Watch the full video here
Watch the making of video here


Glen Keane, Disney Legend (he was inducted in 2013) and character animator for a few small movies you may have heard of, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Tangled to name a few, released a 3 minute short at the Google I/O Conference. The hand drawn short called Duet is a love story was made to demonstrate the future of animation on mobile devices.

Want to see the whole video and a making of featurette from the Google I/O conference? You can see both over at Laughing Squid here.

Sugru Water Gatling Gun

Sugru is like modeling clay, but when it cures it turns into a weatherproof rubber type substance. On their website they have a variety of DIY things you can do with their product including this 10 liter water gatling gun.

Watch the full Gatling Gun video here
Instructions on how to build your own Gatling Gun here
More fun things to do with Sugru here

Teen Titans Go!

I was a big fan of the original Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. So when Go! was released I was not a big fan initially, but the more I have watched it, the more I have enjoyed it. Almost every episode I watch I see so many potential gifs, so I made a handful of them.